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Professional Development Around Gaming

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Can’t make it to the Games, Learning & Libraries Symposium in Oak Brook IL Nov 2-4, 2008?  Chances are, some of the content will be posted online; watch this blog for session notes, and the ALA Techsource site for slides and handouts.If you are in the southwest, try to get to Chris Castaldi’s session Discover Gaming for an overview of game history and design.  It takes place November 14 from 1-3pm in room 206/207 at the University of Advancing Technology, in Tempe AZ. Register online!Registration is now open for the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference, to be held in San Francisco CA from March 23-27, 2009. Try a do-it-yourself online session, that’s part of AZ’s version of 23 things called a Baker’s Dozen. Section #10 is Online Gaming, authored by Liz Danforth, one of the experts on our grant panel.Lastly, watch for online gaming classes from Infopeople and YALSA in 2009.

Gamers in the Library? Panel at ComicCon

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Of possible interest, to any of you attending Comic-Con:

Saturday, July 26; 6:30-7:30 Gamers in the Library?

Did you know that at least 7 out of 10 libraries support gaming? From consoles to D20, board games to CCG’s, gaming in libraries is a hot topic. Find out about this seemingly odd combination with Kearsten LaBrozzi (Glendale Public Library, Arizona), Susan White (University of Advancing Technology), Mike Pawuk (Cuyahoga County Public Library), and Merideth Jenson-Benjamin (Glendale Public Library, Arizona). Hear about successful programs, learn pitfalls to avoid, and find out why gamers in the library are here to stay.

Room 30CDE