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Funagain Games offers $100 gaming grants, monthly!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Each month Funagain Games will provide a $100 grant to a school, library, or community organization, and another to a game group, to be used for any merchandise offered on the Funagain website. More information at Thanks to Kelly Czarnecki for this tip!

Librarians Rockin' by Elizabeth Bricquet

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

 Librarians Rockin by Elizabeth Briquet

The Tennessee State Library and Archives is offering Direct Service Grants for Community Building Through Videogames funded by IMLS.  As some libraries are gearing up and working on their proposals, they have been speaking with their communities about it. Editorial cartoonist Elizabeth Bricquet created the above cartoon, which appeared in an editorial in the Kingsport Times News.

Though the lovely ladies featured in the cartoon bear no resemblance to them, the librarians at the Kingsport Public Library in Kingsport, TN love the cartoon and have already contacted the artist about making t-shirts out of the cartoon.  As Helen Whittaker, Director of the Kingsport Public Library and Archives, noted “We thought it was a hoot.  It shows librarians adapting to new technology and cultural changes.  It also shows their outreach efforts to the community as libraries expand their programs to meet changing needs.”

Thanks to Lindsey Patrick Wesson, Continuing Education Coordinator, Planning and Development at Tennessee State Library and Archives, for permission to repost.

Seriously, what's the deal with serious games?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The Serious Games Initiative is coming into it’s own, and getting some notice from librarians. Serious games focus on education, training, health, and public policy, so they are educational in nature and may be easier to justify in some libraries. One type of serious games are games for change; titles that have a “change the world” or social justice slant to them.

Jenny Levine attended the Serious Games conference at the beginning of the month, and blogged it over at The Shifted Librarian — look for entries from June 3 & 4.

Jennifer Borse provides some serious games resources over at Tidbits of Interest.

Kelly Czarnecki talked a little about serious games in the thrid episode of the Games in Libraries Podcast.

The following may be good games to link to from your library website, or, games to build programs around. Of course, no media should be consumed in a vacuum, and playing serious games and then talking about them is fast, cheap and easy program that may lead to citizen activism, volunteer projects, fundraising and more.

Darfur is Dying
An advocacy tool to raise awareness for conflict in Darfur. The goal is to take on the role of a water forager, get water back to your refugee camp, and keep the camp functioning in the face of possible attack by the Janjaweed militia.

AYIT: The Cost of Life
Designed by kids, this simulation of life in impoverished Haiti challenges players to balance education, money and happiness. Pick a goal and lead a family of five over four years.

Free Rice
Getting correct answers not only builds your vocabulary, but earns grains of rice (20 for each correct answer). Approximately 20,000 grains of rice provide enough caloric intake to sustain an adult for one day. In exchange for advertisements on the website, various sponsors donate the money necessary to pay for the rice and other costs to run FreeRice. There are no facts about world hunger integrated into the game play; players are directed to

Librarian Guild forms in World of Warcraft on Kirin Tor server

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Inspired by a presentation on gaming at the Cape Cod and Islands Library Association meeting, WoWer Conàn formed “The Librarian,” which means members are running around with “The Librarian” hanging over their heads as they complete quests. In just a matter of weeks, the Librarian is up to 75 members and has a Guild Bank with 4 tabs, “Just like in real life,” writes Conan, “The Librarian is all about community, sharing, learning, and fun!” Further details, including Roster, Schedule of Events, and News, are on The Librarian guild webpage.

The main purpose of the Guild is to build community, not power level other players. The guildmaster states, “We don’t want to have too many rules. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.” In an effort to be drama free, only one rule stands: be civil. A brief etiquette for instances (group questing in dungeons) guide is provided, with commonsense guidelines like, “don’t pick ‘need’ if you don’t really need it.” The rules conclude with, “In the words of Nancy Pearl, it’s not all about you.”

A party for all Guild Members and interested Recruits takes place this in World of Warcraft this Saturday, June 6, beginning at 10AM Server Time. Location? The Stormwind Royal Library of course! If you are new to the game, the Royal Library is located in Stormwind Keep in the Northeast corner of city at the approximate coordinates are 74, 20. Head to the Keep, take the first left, then a right, a left, and another right. Prizes and fun are to be had; GM Conàn encourages this as not just a meet & great, but an opportunity to swap crafted items, too.

New to World of Warcraft? A free download of the software is often available from Blizzard’s website. You can also borrow install disks from a friend, download the updates and use a trial code from a buddy’s prepaid access card to get your own 10-day free trial. A WoW subcription costs about $.50 a day. Prepaid cards can be purchased from gamestores, or you can use a credit card online.